L to R: George Lekakis (former Director of South Central MRC), Steve Bracks (Victorian Premier) and Frank Crean at the 2001 opening of the Grattan Gardens Community Centre, where NHF head office is now located.

In 2001, the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), which was by now known as the South Central Region Migrant Resource Centre, relocated to the newly built multipurpose Grattan Gardens Community Centre. The Centre in Prahran is home to the New Hope Foundation’s head office, the Prahran Community Learning Centre and to numerous multicultural groups which meet there on a daily basis.

Changes to federal funding in settlement services in 2003 saw additional resources allocated to the New Hope Foundation. Over the next decade, the MRC underwent its official name change to operate as the New Hope Foundation, under which it rolled out services to the growing numbers of African and Burmese arrivals settling in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

From 2003 onwards, New Hope has opened additional offices and has delivered new and innovative settlement programs to serve the needs of new arrivals from our Footscray, Werribee and Sunshine office locations. At the same time, our growth in aged care services has also strengthened our capacity to respond to the needs of increasing numbers of ethnic elders, who were once new arrivals during Australia’s post war immigration program.