Aged Care Team

Our Aged Care Team provides services in our Community Based Social Support model of Aged Care programs.  Our staff of social workers and community development workers have many years of experience working with ethnic seniors in services funded by local, state and federal government programs.

Along with our 100+ volunteers, New Hope’s Aged Care Team have facilitated innovative Aged Care programs that respond to the needs of growing numbers of ethnic seniors.

Community Based Social Support

The Community Based Social Support (CBSS) model is built on the premise that people benefit greatly from actively maintaining their community engagement and participation.  CALD seniors have for many years derived this from their own communities and often from their participation in seniors’ clubs and associated activities.  As they age and become frail, active engagement becomes a challenge, but interest and desire to participate and engage does not wane.

The CBSS model addresses the need to maintain this vital connection with community and provides our Aged Care Team with a way to successfully address the growing social and health needs of CALD elderly. The model allows us to support, inform and effectively refer people to New Hope or local services that may assist CALD elderly to be active and engaged, and continue to participate in the community.