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Community Visiting Scheme

Become a Community Visitor

Community visitors are volunteers who set time aside each fortnight, to visit and befriend a person living in an aged care home, who may be experiencing loneliness or social isolation.


The Community Visitors Scheme aims to enrich the quality of life of residents of aged care homes who may be socially isolated or lonely – whether for social or cultural reasons, or due to disability.

By befriending an older person living in an aged care home, you have a chance to make a difference to their life – and to your own. The time you spend with your friend is secondary to the regularity of your visits and you are welcome and encouraged to visit more often if you wish.

People of many cultural or varied backgrounds are found in any community, including in aged care homes, and therefore community visitors from all backgrounds are welcome. There are elderly residents throughout Melbourne who would enjoy spending time with someone they can relate to, or can speak with in their first language.

Most people (including those living in aged care) enjoy company, conversation and friendship. Community visitors are excellent listeners and show a genuine caring, interest and understanding of older people. Community visitors can reduce the social isolation experienced by an elderly resident and can act as an important link to his or her community.

This is a very rewarding and positive role that requires an ongoing commitment to make fortnightly visits for at least one year.

New volunteers are assisted to complete a screening and induction process. While Community Visitors work independently, you will also receive continuous support from your CVS coordinator and invitations to volunteer information and social events throughout the year.

Just now we are particularly keen to locate the following volunteers;

¨ Male Polish speaking to visit elderly in aged care facility in Brighton area

¨ Male Maltese speaking to visit elderly in aged care facility in Altona area

¨ Female Greek speaking and male Cantonese speaking to visit elderly in aged care facility in Coburg area

¨ Female Cantonese speaking to visit elderly in aged care facility in Ascot Vale

¨ Female Italian speaking, female Slovenian speaking and female English speaking elderly in aged care facility in West Brunswick area

¨ Female Greek speaking, female Italian speaking and 2 female Macedonian speaking to visit residents in aged care facility in Epping area

¨ Male German speaking to visit elderly in aged care facility in Reservoir

If you would like to become a Community Visitor, please contact us and join our dedicated, friendly team.

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